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Free Financial Advisor Training and Resources:
Federal Employee Retirement Benefits

Below is an archive of the current free financial planner training resources available.

2014 Facts & Figures Update
This one-page document is a must-have reference when assisting your federal clients. It provides the facts and figures for 2013, 2014 and a 10-year historical average when appropriate . . . more
Roth TSP Fact Sheet
This fact sheet provides an outline of the rules and functions of the newly available Roth TSP Option . . . more
Helping FERS Employees With Redeposit Questions
Get helpful pointers on FERS redeposits . . . more
Helping CSRS Employees With Redeposit Questions
Get helpful pointers on CSRS redeposits . . . more
Helping FERS Clients with Deposit Service Questions
Learn how temporary time impacts a FERS employee's eligibility to retire and the calculation of their pension . . . more
Helping CSRS Clients with Deposit Service Questions
Learn how temporary time impacts a CSRS employee's eligibility to retire and the calculation of their pension . . . more
Side-by-Side Comparison: Government SBP & FEGLI vs. Private Life Insurance
This handy chart gives a side-by-side comparison of the government's Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP) and Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) vs. private life insurance . . . more
How 2010 Federal Benefit Changes Will Impact Your Clients
In this free webinar session (approx. 30 minutes), Chris Kowalik addresses the financial impact felt by federal employees due to prominent legislative changes that went into effect for 2010. Although knowing what the new rules are is important, most financial professionals are more interested in the true affect that these changes will have on their federal clients. This webinar focuses on just that . . . more
How to Make the Most of Your Meetings with Federal Employees (Part 1 of 3)
In this recorded webinar, Chris Kowalik walks you through industry best practices for engaging federal clients. Even more, she'll share with you key relationship building approaches that allow you to make the most of every federal opportunity you have . . . more
10 Confessions of the Average Fed
In this recorded teleseminar, Chris Kowalik will share the most prominent confessions of federal employees and find ways to help you stay on their good side . . . more

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